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We help aspiring musicians to become skilled in just 4 months!

Music is a part of your essence. It connects memories of the past to emotions in the present. Music lessons help you to develop in so many different ways that it would be a shame to miss out. Find your musical journey with Revolution Music International for your music lessons in Edmonton!

Our teaching styles focus on combining the fun of learning by ear with the discipline of practise and music theory.

We teach guitar lessons, piano lessons, drum lessons, bass lessons, and voice lessons here in Edmonton. We take our job very seriously to help your self-confidence to grow, and to bring up the passion that is inside of you!

With more than 15 years of experience, books written, and much more on the horizon, we feel that this is the best music company to take lessons from in Edmonton! Contact us today to get started!

Music Lessons Available

Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lessons

We teach guitar in a wide variety of styles, starting with the basics of music, and then graduating to more difficult styles as the lessons progress.
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Piano Lessons

Piano Lessons

We teach piano/keyboard in a way that students will be able to learn songs through chording methods, and are then able to read music as well. Later on, we also teach how to effectively use a computer in designing digital keyboard sounds.
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Drum Lessons

Drum Lessons

We teach drums in a way that will develop the student's rhythmic sensitivity to styles of music that will be played, as well as teaching how to read drum sheet music, which greatly guarantees the pursuit of further education.
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Vocal Lessons

Vocal Lessons

We teach voice lessons that will help to boost a student's range, as well as develop their confidence in being able to sing.
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Online Lessons

We now offer online music lessons via Skype or Zoom, so you can develop your music talents from the comfort of your home.

In-Home Lessons

Our instructors provide in-home lessons to help promote proper techniques and maximize your learning potential.

Group Lessons

Group lessons are available for children ages 6-15 to help foster an interest in music and provide the foundation for individual lessons.

Music Programs

/MIN. Minimum of 16 lessons.

1. $15/15 minutes - ages 4-6
2. $30/30 minutes
3. $45/45 minutes
4. $60/60 minutes

Notes for this program:

1. You must commit for at least 16 weeks. After that, you must give at least 4 lessons notice for cancellation.
2. Family discount: Everyone after the first person gets a 10% discount.
3. Every person pays a $20/semester administration fee.
4. All materials must be bought and paid for from RMI.
5. Subscription to videos will be $15/month, and will only stop if unsubscribed.
6. Coaching for Musicians will be offered at $300/month for 2 x 1/2 hr sessions - minimum 4 sessions.
7. $25/semester will be included for the recital fee.
/MONTH. Minimum of 16 x 1 hr lessons.
Notes for this program:

1. Commitment for at least 16 weeks. After that, you must give at least 4 lessons notice for cancellation.
2. Can downgrade to “individual program” on a month-to-month payment basis once they’ve completed this program, if they wish.
3. Can only do 1 hour lessons.
4. All fees included.
5. Complete access to videos is included for 1 year, then the subscription rate.
6. Every person receives 2 x 1/2 hr coaching sessions for musicians per month for all 4 months.
7. All materials needed for the lessons will be included.
8. Family discount of 10% will apply after the first person.
9. Additional materials will also be given for free.

What Our
Students Say

Although the plan here at Revolution Music is to graduate you from beginner to intermediate musician in just 4 months, many of our students stick around longer and even become teachers!
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Here's what some of our students are saying about us:
Music Lesson Testimonials Quote

“I am happy to recommend Dan Jackson to anyone who is looking for a great music teacher. He is a very talented musician who brings thoughtful dedication to everything he does. Dan does a great job of breaking musical ideas into teachable chunks so that his students are able to understand it clearly and apply it to their own playing.”

Jason Archibald

“Dan’s teaching style is very unique and easy to understand the basic rudiments of music foundation. Dan is also very patient and kind. I’m taking bass guitar lessons and I was able to play chords from a simple worship song he picked for me to practice, just after few weeks of training. This is amazing! Thank you Dan!”


“I’ve been taking guitar lessons for two months now. As someone who is at a beginner level I have found Dan to be very patient, kind and understanding. Thanks Dan!”


“Dan is simply the best! He is patient, helpful, kind, and makes you feel comfortable during your lessons. I’m very happy to have him for my Music Teacher. Thank you Dan for being so awesome. You get an A+ from me!”


Ready to Start Your Musical Journey?

Ready to Start Your Musical Journey?

Music Lessons - Guitar

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Dan Jackson
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