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On May 2, 2020, Revolution Music International received its first business review in an Alberta-based online business newspaper “Alberta Business Review.” Here is a link where you can read the full article: www.albertabusinessreview.ca/alberta-business-spotlight/archives/05-2020


Since music uses both sides of your brain, it will definitely help your child in academics. Music has reading, writing, and arithmetics in many areas, and it can even include history, geography, cultural studies, and much more. Therefore, starting a child in music lessons will help the child develop every other area of their schooling....


Often, musicians tend to be the worst judge of themselves. After a performance, it seems that a musician will only remember the mistakes that were done, rather than remembering how good the performance was. One thing for musicians to remember is that the average person does not notice the mistakes nearly as often as you...


Playing an instrument requires both sides of your brain to play – both the left side of your brain and the right side. Most subjects that are taken in school require the use of your left side. This is the side of your brain that deals with logic, analyzing, writing, and numbers. In music, there...


When you are performing, it is not good to let people know that you have made a mistake in your playing. Get into the habit of maintaining your composure, so that the average listener will not know that a mistake took place. However, practise can never be underestimated for a performance. The more you practise,...


1. Get a metronome. This is a necessity, as it helps to train your brain to keep the right time signature and tempo. These are now more accessible than ever, as you can download apps onto your smartphone for free. Practise different exercises at different tempos. 2. Get a tuner. This will help your instrument...

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